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Welcome! My name is Suni Ferrer, certified health coach and founder of Sunirvana Wellness. I help women and families develop healthy habits, one small change at a time, so they can feel vibrant every day from the inside out. 

Shaklee 180 Turnaround13 years ago, I left my career as a structural engineer to stay home with our first baby and I never looked back. 5 years and another baby later, a friend in my moms group introduced me to Shaklee and it turned out to be the perfect timing for us. My oldest son, my husband, and myself were experiencing health problems at the time, I was on a mission to go green, and we had decided I wasn't going back to my job before kids. 

So much has changed in 7 years for my family! Here's a picture of my husband Carlos and our oldest son Sebastian before and after using Shaklee nutrition, personal care and cleaners. Sebastian's health transformation was on the inside (no more leaky gut, food sensitivities, learning disability), while Carlos transformed himself from the inside out (from sedentary and hypoglycemic to athlete with blood sugar problem under control). I'm thankful for having been introduced to such a great tool for improving our family's health and helping others do the same. I love sharing these benefits with other families.

As an Engineer, I had stress for 8 years. As a Shaklee Entrepreneur, I've had passion for 7... and have earned amazing rewards while working part-time from home around my family's schedule, including a significant monthly Shaklee bonus check, qualifying for a monthly car bonus for 3 years, experiencing 3 life-changing trips for free, paying in full for my school tuition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition… AND THE BEST REWARD is that my family is happier and healthier. I'm
 living my dream every day, building a life I don't need a vacation from, as part of a team of amazing women working together towards greater health and freedom for our families and the planet, one person at a time. 

Amazing health and freedom starts with YOU!!! 

3 EASY STEPS... to achieve your top 3 health goals:

STEP 1... Get your free online Healthprint health assessment, CLICK HERE (2 mins)
STEP 2... Schedule your free one-on-one consultation with Suni at 765-413-4620.
STEP 3... Commit to ONE small change for 30 days (write it down on paper and post it on your fridge or computer screen as a daily reminder)

REPEAT after 30 days... Retake your Healthprint™ to reassess and commit to ONE small change every 30 days to continue improving your health score. Share this link to help others live healthier too:  http://suni.myshaklee.com/healthprint


Your HEALTHPRINT™ assessment is a FREE personalized plan that includes diet, lifestyle, and product recommendations just for YOU (for anyone ages 4 & up, young children use parent's email). Click on your preferred language below and proceed as a Guest or Member to access your free Shaklee Healthprint™: 


Whether you’re looking to improve your health, get out of debt, create a better work/family balance, or all of the above or anywhere in between, Shaklee could be the vehicle to help you achieve whatever it is you’re looking for. We invite you to take a look at all that Shaklee has to offer you. If, after watching these quick videos, you feel any connection to what we do and who we are as a community within Shaklee, then we would love to journey with you towards a healthier and better life.

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Suni Ferrer, INHC 
Shaklee Wellness Partner and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Mobile: 765-734-3057
Sunirvana Wellness Blog: sunirvana.tumblr.com


Taking care of YOU is the least selfish thing you can do.